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Welcome to my Website... Horseshoe Online - The Horseshoe Organisation


Basically an ongoing life style that includes my interests - mainly in the sphere of sports and transportation ie; primarily bicycles and road passenger transport. Each one of these web pages has a book attached towards it, be it large or small in page content and images. My very first was "A Historical Guide to Horseshoe Coaches", a small and condensed history of the family business that I was involved with for a great many years hence the above image of the coach. This earlier book has now been entirely updated since it's initial print back in 2005 going from 58 pages originally to now of 220 pages in the latest edition.


One book - Red White & Blue; The Brooklyn Chewing Gum Cycle Team, having been written over a two year period and published in 2009 that seemed to come out rather well. It has now having been  revised with an increase in pages and images from 270 to 322 pages. As with any book of mine -  worldwide availability.  An "old school" style bike rider my interests are with several historical teams and riders, one or two that I may have been associated with due to certain circumstances. Each book I write maybe limited on the number printed due to the self publishing "angle" and public interest. However, overall produced I hope in the highest quality and not quantity.

Although a majority of my writing is "wheels" related, there are also "the odd" sports nonfiction title in the "pipeline", one in particular concerning football.